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PCB, also known as printed circuit board, is the carrier and interconnection network of electronic equipment components


PCB boards mainly include FR4 boards, CEM-3 boards, aluminum substrates, ceramic boards, plastic boards, etc.
The process flow of printed circuit boards mainly includes: raw material procurement, PCB design, circuit diagram generation, production processing, testing and inspection.
The main components of a PCB include: circuit layer, copper foil, laminate, holes, solder mask colors, labels, and components.
The main technologies involved in PCB production and processing include drilling, gold deposition, copper plating, appearance inspection, dimensional inspection, circuit testing, solder mask coverage, component insertion, and panel assembly. The application fields of PCB include consumer electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, automotive electronics, industrial automation, information technology, military electronics, and other fields. It is one of the important basic materials of modern electronic technology.

In short, as one of the important basic materials for electronic components, PCB plays an important role in modern electronic technology and technology. In recent years, with the development and maturity of electronic technology, PCB technology has also been constantly innovating and upgrading, providing more efficient, reliable, and secure solutions for various industries.
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